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Residence and Work Visa, Work and Life Counseling for the UK

Your Guide to Work and Life in the UK

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Which one is right for you for a Residence and Work Visa for the UK?

Self Sponsorship

With the Ankara Agreement, which was interrupted by Brexit, the migration of Turks to the UK will be revived with “Self Sponsorship”.

Special Visa for Healthcare Professionals

It has come to the fore due to the increasing need for personnel of the NHS (UK Ministry of Health) and other private health institutions operating in the UK with the pandemic process, and it has been arranged to meet this need from international human resources. 

Start-up Visa

It is suitable for applicants who wish to set up a business in the UK and who wish to serve as an owner of their own business.

Global Talent Visa

Real persons over the age of 18 who can prove that they are in the position of “leader” or “potential leader” in the field of academic and research activities and any of their sub-fields, with the help of the supporting documents and presentation prepared by our expert consultants, can apply for this visa type.

Creative Investor Visa

It is necessary to apply for this visa type with a BP approved by an endorsement body authorized by the Home Office.
The business in question must be original, creative and have growth potential. 

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About Britain Consulting Business Consulting

We combine strategy, technology and management consulting expertise to help you succeed in a new life.

Work Placement in the UK was created to help meet the growing demand for competent and dedicated service providers for programs supported by the European Commission. We specialize in arranging work placements for interns and students in companies all over the country.

Work Placement in the UK welcomes opportunities to develop new business relationships with institutions and organizations from across Europe.

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Let's Talk Online

For all your questions, you can connect to the video conference platform via the browser. 


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